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Boston Gear Shaft Accessories

Gearbox Shaft Accessories

  • Boston Gear Shaft Accessories
  • Flexible couplings
  • Universal joints
  • Setscrew and clamping collars
  • Timing belts and pulleys
  • Chain and sprockets
  • Grooved pulleys

Universal Joints
Boston Gear precision machined J and JS Series Universal Joints are designed for connecting shafts at angles up to 30 degrees and speeds up to 2000 RPM. All sizes are stocked with both solid and bored hubs. Joints J100 and J100B and larger are equipped with self-closing, ball valve oilers, creating an oil reservoir to provide enclosed lubrication. The self-locking assembly ring on joints with 7/8” and larger hub diameter, fits into recess provided in center bearing block and snaps around groove in small bearing pin — assuring locking of entire assembly allowing for quick and easy disassembly and reassembly. Joints with 3/4” and smaller hub diameters are locked by riveting the small bearing pin. Joint covers (boots) keep dirt and moisture out and lubricants in.

Timing belts and pulleys
Timing belts are essentially flat belts with the addition of evenly spaced teeth along the surface that contacts toothed pulleys. Power is transmitted smoothly and without slippage. Pulley pitch diameters are larger than their outside diameters and the belt pitch lines lie within the flat portion. Tension members are molded in the flat portion to serve as load-carrying elements. Miniature HTD timing belts have deep curvilinear tooth forms, as contrasted to trapezoidal for conventional timing belts. Greater strength, lower tooth pressures and decreased stress concentration result in superior performance.

Chain And Sprockets
Boston roller chain sprockets are quality designed and built to ANSI specifications for superior fatigue resistance and long operational life in a host of industrial and process applications. Sprockets are available in a wide range of materials and pitches, with or without hubs.

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