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Boston Fluid Power

Gearbox Power.
  • Filters, regulators and lubricators
  • Directional control valves
  • Disposable and NFPA square head cylinders
  • Air motors
  • Rotary actuators
  • Fittings, check valves, blow guns, recoil hose and accessories

Air Filters

Boston Gear's Air Filters are designed for general applications in compressed air systems where effective filtration and removal of solid water particles and impurities are required. Order filters with an automatic drain when the filter will be installed in an inaccessible area and when large quantities of water are present. Water vapor will pass through these filters and could condense into liquid form downstream as the air temperature drops. An air dryer would be required if water condensation could have a detrimental effect on the application.

Oil Removal Filters

Boston Gear's oil removal (coalescing) filters are used in compressed air systems to provide an extremely clean air supply virtually free of oil aerosols. Unwanted oil is often introduced into compressed air systems by the lubricating oil in the air compressor. Typical applications include paint spraying, pneumatic control instrumentation, printing and paper separation and protection of air bearings and fluidic instrumentation. Oil removal filters are supplied with an automatic drain and a service life indicator as standard features. The service life indicator provides visual indication of the condition of the filter element, eliminating the guesswork of when to replace the element. The indicator shows green when new and as the pressure differential across the element increases it will turn to red. To ensure that the filter element provides a long service life, it is recommended that a standard air filter with a 5 micron element is placed prior to the oil removal filter.


Boston Gear's pressure regulators are used in compressed air systems to reduce system pressure to a level which can be used to efficiently operate air tools and other air operated equipment. These regulators maintain the reduced pressure at a constant level despite the changes in the inlet pressure and changes in downstream flow requirements. All regulators are relieving which allow the outlet pressure to be reduced even though the system is dead-ended. Non-relieving models are available.


Boston Gear Lubricators are used in compressed air systems to provide the proper amount of lubrication required for downstream components. Two styles of lubricators are available, the Standard and Micro-Lube. Each has its own characteristics as described below.

Filter/Regulators (Piggyback)

Boston Gear’s Piggy-Back Filter / Regulators are designed for general applications in compressed air systems where effective filtration and reliable, accurate pressure regulation are required. The space saving design of combining the filter and regulator into a common body reduces the amount of space needed on the air line in half.

Pressure Gauges

Specifications: Scale: Dual, PSI and Kpa, Dial Ranges: 0-30 PSIG, 0-60 PSIG, 0-160 PSIG, 0-300 PSIG, Accuracy: 3%-2%-3%, Temperature Range: –10°F to 140°F, Connection Location: Centered on back.

Materials: Case: ABS Plastic, Window: Acrylic, Bourdon Tube: Copper Alloy, Connection: Copper Alloy.

Relief Valves

A relief valve is used in a compressed air system to retard excessive air pressure buildup and thereby help prevent damage to system components. Features: Attractive, Lightweight styling, standard non-rising adjusting knob with integral locking device which can be made tamper resistant, inline mounting, easily disassembled for servicing without removal from air line. (Air Pressure Off)

Drip Leg Drain

The Boston Automatic Drip Leg Drain should be installed at low points in the piping and at the far end of the distribution system where water is likely to accumulate. Features: Threaded bowl for easy removal, 1/8" NPT ported automatic drain for ease in piping away expelled liquid, automatic drain valve actuated by water level on float in normal pressurized service. Opens when system is unpressurized, allowing water to escape by gravity; easily disassembled and serviced without tools or removal from air line (air pressure off).

Shut-Off Valves

Shut-Off Valves, typically attach to the inlet end of a combination unit, are manually operated, slide type valves that open and close with a short one-inch movement of the slide. The valve slide can be locked in the closed position with a customer supplied padlock. The standard valve is a 3-way valve that exhausts downstream air in the closed position

Differential Pressure Indicator

The differential pressure indicator, using the familiar "stop" and "go" colors, red and green, is used to monitor the pressure drop across air line filters and other components. It is a standard feature on all Boston Oil Removal Filters.

The Differential Pressure Indicator can also be used inline to measure pressure drop across any device in an air circuit.

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