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Boston Bearings

Gearbox Bearings
  • Pillow blocks and flange bearings
  • Bronze, steel and non-metallic bushings
  • Rod end and spherical bearings
  • Thrust washers
  • Radial ball bearings
  • Food grade non-metallic washdown bearings

BOST-BRONZ (Oil-Impregnated Sintered Bronze)

BOST-BRONZ is Boston Gear’s all-purpose, oil-impregnated porous bronze bearing material. It is manufactured of highest purity metal powders by the powder metallurgy process. This process provides uniformly distributed pores between the metal particles which absorb oil by capillary action. BOSTBRONZ has a self-contained oil supply (approximately 20% by volume) which provides a uniform, protective film over the entire bearing surface.

BEAR-N-BRONZ (660 Cast Bronze)

BEAR-N-BRONZ is Boston Gear’s general purpose cast, solid bronze bearing material. It is a high grade, leaded-tin bronze, having good hardness, strength, wear-resistance, and exceptional anti-friction qualities. It is particularly suited for moderate to heavy loads at normal to relatively high speeds.

Bronze Bearing Emergency Bank

Reduce time lost when breakdowns occur due to bearing failures. Handy metal kit keeps bearings together in conveniently labeled compartments. Both kit and replacement bearings are available from stock.

BOStonE F-1 (Glass Filled Teflon)

BOStonE F-1 glass filled material is completely self-lubricating with outstanding wear and corrosion resistance properties, machined from extruded rods to close tolerances. BOStonE F-1 material has a wide temperature capability and an excellent PV value. BOStonE F-1 bearings are green in color.

RULON® 641 Bearings

Boston Gear’s RULON 641 Bearings are designed to overcome the chronic problems that plague bearings used in food and pharmaceutical applications.

BOStonE Molded Plastic

Boston stocks Cylindrical, Flanged and Roll End Bearings in five materials —

1. Nylon (N) exhibits good chemical and corrosion resistance. Excellent abrasion resistance and low surface friction provide long wear without lubrication. These nylon bearings are black. Good up to 225°F maximum.
2. Delrin® and Celcon® (D) are trademarks for equivalent Acetal Resins produced by Du Pont and Celanese respectively. Acetals possess excellent moisture resistance characteristics. These materials are white. Good up to 225°F maximum.
3. Nylatron® GS (GS) is a trademark for molybdenum disulfide filled nylon produced by the Polymer Corp. Nylatron® GS exhibits excellent abrasion resistance. Nylatron® GS is dark gray in color. Good up to 225°F maximum.
4. Teflon filled Acetal (AF) — Teflon.® This material has excel lent abrasion and corrosion resistance and high lubricity against steel. Good up to 225°F maximum.
5. Teflon filled Nylon (TN) used for Hanger Bearings only, is light gray in color.

BOStonE Molded Nylon

Reinforced nylon race bearings may be operated between –30°F and +150°F. Prolonged immersion of Nylon races in water can cause an increase in torque Nylon (N) exhibits good chemical and corrosion resistance. Excellent abrasion resistance and low surface friction provide long wear without lubrication. These nylon bearings are black. Good up to 225°F maximum.

Anti-Friction (Ball Bearings)

Boston Ball Bearings provide improved performance over a wide range of operating conditions. Major features include: Honed raceways on precision ball bearings for maximum life and smoother, quieter operation. Superior, low friction (low torque) seals, to more effectively exclude foreign matter and retain lubricant over a longer period. The line of Ball Bearings include, close tolerance precision units and inexpensive steel assemblies of the semi-ground type. These anti-friction items, available quickly from stock, make it easier to use a superior bearing “exactly right” for the majority of applications.

Self-Aligning (Rod End & Spherical Bearings)

Self Aligning bearings may be operated between –30°F and +300°F, with wider ranges obtained by the use of special lubricants.

Mounted Bearings

Mounted Bearings offer a simple, convenient method of providing load support. Selection for most applications may be readily accomplished from a single selection chart, based on shaft size, radial and thrust load requirements. Installation normally requires only bolting to a suitable mounting surface and securing bearing to shaft with setscrews or eccentric locking collar provided.

The Boston Gear Mounted Bearing line is one of the most comprehensive available to industry. Ranging from light duty, plain bearing blocks to precision units. They all feature Boston Gear’s tradition of design excellence and precision manufacture.

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