Wastewater Treatment Machinery

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Wastewater Treatment Machinery

Many processes that require high performance products are found in wastewater treatment machinery. To simplify the purchasing of these products, choose Centric overload clutches from a trusted supplier, GMB Associates.

Torque Limiters

Mechanical torque limiters are essential components in today's wastewater industry. They eliminate costly downtime and provide accurate and reliable torque overload protection. Equipment such as bar screens and longitudinal clarifiers often jam due to foreign objects and other disturbances in the wastewater process. These jams can suddenly increase operating torque which may result in costly downtime and damage to equipment. Conventional torque limiters are inaccurate and they tend to wear our prematurely due to the harsh operating environment of a wastewater plant.

In order to provide superior solutions Centric Clutch a world-wide leader in torque limiters, has developed a range of products specifically designed for the wastewater industry the WOR or H1900 series overload clutch.

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