Nuttall Delroyd Worm Gears

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Nuttall Delroyd Worm Gears

Delroyd Worm Gear Products

Delroyd worm gear speed reducers, helical worm speed reducers and worm gear sets are built for reliability and long service life for a variety of applications and configurations.
Delroyd worm gears are provided in complete drive package assemblies for both mechanical and electrical components.

  • Nuttall Gears
  • Single Reduction Reducers
    5:1 to 70:1
  • Helical - Worm Reducers
    15:1 to 355:1
  • Double Worm Reducers
    75:1 to 4900:1
  • Drives for Top - Entering Chemical and Process Agitators
    5:1 to 100:1
  • Open Gearing
    5:1 to 70:1
  • Special Reducers
    Up to 125,000:1
  • Special Open Gearing
    Up to 180:1

How to Order your Nuttall Delroyd Worm Gears

For more information regarding the range of Nuttall Delroyd Worm Gears or for our advice please contact us today. Call us direct on 01827 57561.



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