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Food Processing Equipment

GMB Associates has been exceeding the power transmission needs of the food processing industry for over 30 years, with a product range as vast as food manufacturing itself, including all stainless steel speed reducers, stainless and wash down duty motors ( to BISSC standards ), NEMA rated variable speed drives and special purpose torque overload clutches.

Power Transmission Components

The high-volume manufacturing environment of today's bakery and snack food producer require power transmission components that are clean, efficient and economical. That's why the largest snack food makers in the world has specified Boston Gear speed reducers and electric motors in their plants, and maybe why you should consider it too. GMB Associates wide range of BISSC approved power transmission products can be found driving mixers, conveyors, dividers, coaters, as well as baking, frying, cooling, packaging and palletizing equipment.

Speed Reducers

Whether you are brewing beer, bottling soft drinks or packaging the latest sports or energy drink, downtime can leave your profits flat. Boston Gear's line of proven speed reducers, electric motors and clutches are at work right now at leading beverage producers, ensuring maintenance free operation of their filling, capping, conveying, labelling, case packing and palletizing operations. Additionally, Warner Electric's Precision Tork line of capping clutches provides a totally unique and consistent solution that is generations ahead of competitive capping technologies.

Hygienic Power Transmission

Caustic wash down, bacteria concerns and stringent food hygiene requirements, means the meat and poultry industries have unique power transmission needs that separate them from other food producers. Fortunately, GMB Associates supply a wide range of products that consistently exceed the expectations of our meat & poultry customers, including entirely stainless steel as well as Stainless Bost-Kleen coating options for most product lines.

Contact GMB Associates

Contact us today to discuss our range of Motion Control products and Food Processing Equipment. Call us at +44 (0)1827 57561 or fill in our online enquiry form.



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