Zurn Gear Coupling

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Zurn Gear Coupling

Zurn Gear Coupling
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In contrast with ordinary gear tooth forms, the Zurn Gear Coupling Fully-Crowned Tooth represents the ultimate achievement in the art of gear tooth design, wherein all three working portions of the tooth are crowned. As a result, the teeth act much like a rocking chair, capable of sliding freely in the axial direction without digging or gouging the internal mating teeth.

Operational benefits of this are maximum loading capacity with minimum size, maximum reliability and long life.

Benefits of the Zurn Gear Coupling

- Coupled components produce efficient transmission of mechanical power.

- Reduced maintenance costs due to easy assemble.

- Accommodates for varying degrees of misalignment.

- Uses constant velocity to transfer torque from one shaft to the other.

- Fully crowned teeth for higher levels of torque control, allowing higher misalignment capacity and greater speeds.

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