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Worm Gear

Worm Gear
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A gear comprised of a wheel gear with inclined cogs that is rotated by a screw thread ( a single cogged gear called a worm ). A worm gear provides an effective answer for such power transmission applications as high-ratio speed reduction, limited space, right-angle shafts and non-intersecting shafts. When properly applied, they are the smoothest and quietest form of gearing. Steel worms and cast iron or bronze worm gears are available in single, double or quadruple threads, 48 to 3 diametral pitch.
Benefits of the Zurn Gear Coupling

- Drives operate silently and smoothly.

- Self-locking provides that needed security.

- Small in size so can operate in minimal space.

- Great meshing allows a constant high velocity ratio of 100 being obtained in a single step.

- Highly reliable and able to transmit large amounts of power. (50,000 kW)

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