Warner Electric Precision Tork

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Warner Electric Precision Tork

Warner Electric Precision Tork
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Warner Electric Precision Tork Clutches & Brakes. Multiple pole high energy magnets provide clutch / brake force. Precision Tork magnetic headsets allow for a consistent smooth torque technology, eliminating over tightened caps, greatly reducing the variation of removal torque. This allows for a smooth torque transition providing a greatly reduced amount of shock to the system enabling an extended life for machine components.

Benefits of Warner Electric Precision Tork

- No outside power required

- Adjustable torque

- Torque is independent of slip speed

- Highly accurate and repeatable to torque setting

- Brake or clutch action in the same unit

- No maintenance

- Long life

- Torque ratings from 1 oz.in to 65 lb.in.

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