Vari-Torque Pneumatic Clutches VOR Series

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Vari-Torque Pneumatic Clutches VOR Series

Vari-Torque Pneumatic Clutches VOR Series
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The Vari-Torque air operated overload release clutch provides 'in flight' torque control of variable torque loads. By simply varying the air supply pressure, the torque limit of the clutch can be adjusted whilst in operation. This pneumatic clutch provides unmatched dependability due to its bi-directional clutch, offers in-flight torgue based on air pressure. This offers in-flight adjustability without shutting down the equipment to adjust the clutch torgue. You need the confidence that the reliability of your equipment isn't going to let you down, Here you can buy with confidence, all our products are manufactured and tested to the up most of proven standards.

Benefits of Vari-Torque Pneumatic Clutches VOR Series

- Operates on static air pressure, no over-complicated air system

- Pawl notch design

- Six point drive

- Pressure lubricated

- Bi-directional operation

- Limit switch plate

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