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Stieber Clutch

Stieber Clutch
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Stieber has more than 60 years of experience in development and production of high precision freewheels. Their research development and engineering capabilities provide customers with solutions for their specific requirements. The company’s core business activity is the design and production of drive elements for mechanical engineering systems and its major strength is the development and production of freewheels and backstops, which transmit torque by means of friction. Stieber manufactures the following products: Overrunning clutches used for multiple-machine drives or to separate the inertia of masses of a driven machine from the driving machine after it has been switched off; Indexing clutches that turn a shaft step by step; and Backstops to prevent a machine shaft turning backwards. Markets Served: Packaging Industry, Material Handling, Mining Industry, Military & Aerospace, Food Processing & Power Generation Industry.

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Stieber Clutch

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