Pallet Brakes

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Pallet Brakes

Pallet Brakes
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Commonly referred to as pallet brakes, Flo-Guide speed controllers operate similar to automotive shoe type brakes. Centrifugal forces generated by the outer brake hub cause internal gearing to force the brake pads against the inner surface of the brake hub. Faster rotation increases the braking action. Flo-Guide speed controllers can be easily mounted for direct or indirect braking. The function of a Flo-Guide speed controller is exactly as the name indicates... to control the speed of pallets, totes and cartons, while guiding and maintaining flowability on gravity conveyor tracks. This controlled speed of flow is achieved by planetary gearing, which at every revolution presses the centrifugal brake disks against the roller body, raising it's braking force proportionally to the speed of rotation. This self-energized device requires no external power source. Speed Controller spacing is generally one pallet position apart, although ideal spacing is best determined by testing of actual pallet and load.

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