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Marland Clutch

Marland Clutch
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Marland Clutch has been producing overrunning clutches since 1931. Primary Marland Clutch products are backstops, clutches and clutch couplings utilizing either the principle of cylindrical rollers on inclined cam planes for low speed applications or sprag technology for high speed requirements. Marland one-way clutches and backstops have been protecting costly equipment, preventing injury and preventing lost production time for over 60 years. Marland Clutch brings to the North American market a line of proven sprag type freewheel clutches. Marland utilizes the knowledge of its sister divisions, Stieber® of Germany and Formsprag® of the United States, to manufacture world class high performance sprag clutches in the United States. Markets Served: Packaging Industry, Material Handling, Food Processing, Mining Industry & Power Generation Industry.

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Marland Clutch

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