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Kop-Flex KSG Grease

Kop-Flex KSG Grease
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As a world leader in the manufacturer of flexible shaft couplings, Kop-Flex was one of the first companies to develop greases especially for use as shaft coupling lubricants. Kop-Flex Grease, unlike bearing or general purpose grease, must withstand the centrifugal forces created by a rotating coupling. Unlike greases with lithium-based thickeners, KHP and KSG Greases use polyethylene thickeners, with a density closer to that of oil, and are much less susceptible to separation. Kop-Flex KSG Standard Coupling Grease is an NLGI Grade #1 coupling grease with E.P. additives for use in any grease-packed coupling, such as gear, grid and chain type couplings, in standard industrial service.

Coupling Lubricant

Superior to the commonly available greases adapted to coupling use. Kop-Flex KSG Grease was developed specifically as a coupling lubricant. Kop-Flex KHP grease is an NLGI #1 grease with E.P. additives which exceeds the design requirements needed for extended operating and relubrication intervals. Kop-Flex KHP Grease is recommended for high-speed grease lubricated gear couplings in petrochemical, process, and utility industries.

Waverley Torque Lube A

Waverley Torque Lube 'A' was developed to solve the special lubrication problems of relatively low speed, high loaded gear spindle couplings used extensively in metal rolling mills.

Waverley Torque Lube 'A' has consistently provided protection in applications demanding a lubricant with extreme pressure protection, high heat and shock loading, excellent wear protection, and resistance to water washout. This grease is compounded with a concentration of Molybdenum Disulfide and other additives to provide extreme pressure protection. These additives cannot resist the effects of centrifugal forces, therefore, Waverley Torque Lube 'A' should not be used in a standard coupling without consulting the factory.

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