Huco Jaw Power Coupling

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Huco Jaw Power Coupling

Huco Jaw Power Coupling
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The 3 piece Huco jaw power couplings (aluminium and cast iron versions) use the flexibility and resilience of a polyurethane element between metal hubs. This combination allows high torque to be transmitted with little or no backlash, even where there is significant angular and/ or parallel shaft misalignment. A unique concave pocket in each hub eliminates edge pressure which gives the element exceptional wear resistance and long service life. The polyurethane elements are available in 3 hardnesses; hard, standard and soft which exhibit different operational characteristics as shown in the performance tables on the relevant items' pages. Other features of the polyurethane elements are: * Resistance to oils, grease and many solvents * Good atmospheric and chemical resistance * Excellent shock and vibration damping * Operating temperature -40C to 100C (short duration max temp. 120C) The 2 piece Huco jaw power couplings (plastic version) are moulded in polyamide and the bores are sleeved with an insert-moulded aluminium extrusion, keyed to resist turning. The smallest sizes are all plastic. The 2-piece construction offers simplicity of installation and functions without an intermediary elastomer insert. The couplings will run submerged in most liquids and are reasonably tolerant of polluted environments. Clearances between adjacent jaws permit relative lateral movement sufficient to compensate for nominal misalignment between shafts. As a result the two halves plug together without hindrance, generate low bearing loads and readily accommodate bearing end float. Intended primarily for uni-directional loads, these couplings are suitable for both horizontal and vertical drive applications in ambient temperatures ranging from -25C to +80C. Under these conditions and when operating within their rated values, the couplings will have a trouble-free life which can be improved with a once-only initial application of oil or grease. Ambient temperatures up to 100C can be sustained for short periods.

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