Ball Detent Clutch

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Ball Detent Clutch

Ball Detent Clutch
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The Centric HOR & POR series of clutches are both ball detent torque overload clutches. Ball detent torque overload clutches are designed to provide accurate and dependable torque disconnect protection for mechanical power transmission equipment. Torque is transmitted through the clutch in one of two paths.

Torque Transmission

Torque transmission between the balls and the housing is the key to the disengagement of the clutch. The balls are forced into the pockets of the housing by an axial load generated by compressing a spring pack (HOR) or by air pressure (POR). This axial load determines the torque capacity of the clutch. Increasing or decreasing the spring compression or air pressure provides a means of torque adjustment.

Torque Overload

When a Torque Overload condition occurs, the balls roll out of the pockets and freewheel much as a ball thrust bearing. This rolling action increases the efficiency in which the clutch operates and reduces any fluctuation of torque setting due to frictional changes.

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