API 610 Couplings

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API 610 Couplings

API 610 Couplings
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The American Petroleum Institute (API) has set a minimum requirement for special purpose couplings in the petroleum, chemical and gas industries and this standard is called API 610. It states, a special purpose coupling is to be designed and constructed for a minimum service life of 5 years for flexible element couplings and 3 years for gear and torsionally damped and resilient couplings. The coupling is to operate continuously without interruption for this time period in an equipment train that is normally without spares and is critical to the continued operation of the installation.

Coupling Design

The standard states, couplings are designed to accommodate misalignment and axial displacement of the shafts with imposing excessive mechanical loading on the coupled equipment. Couplings covered in this standard include: gear, flexible element, quill shaft and selected types for torsional damping and torsional tuning in horizontal applications.

Other Couplings

All other couplings, including clutch, hydraulic and general purpose couplings are excluded from the scope of this standard. API 610 couplings standard covers, design, materials of construction, manufacturing quality, inspection and testing of special purpose couplings. The API 610 couplings standard does not define criteria for the selection of coupling types for specific applications. For more helpful advice regarding API 610 Couplings then contact us direct today.

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