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Amerigear® Standard Gear Couplings

Amerigear Engineering Data

Speeds, Classes and Balance

Speeds: The speed limits shown in the table are recommendations based on experience and are intended as a guide only. The actual limits are determined by the characteristics of the system in which the coupling is to be installed. Consult Ameridrives for speed limits of series not listed.

Classes: Four classes of Amerigear couplings are available.

  1. Standard Amerigear Couplings
  2. Balanced Standard Amerigear Couplings
  3. Class III Amerigear Couplings
  4. Class I Amerigear Couplings

I. Standard Couplings
These couplings offer fully-crowned teeth. Sizes 200 - 2-7 have ±1½° angular misalignment capacity per mesh. Sizes 208 - 210 have ±1¾°. Parts are fully-machined from medium carbon steel. These couplings also feature self-locking nuts and positive type O-ring seals.

II. Balanced Standard Coupings
This class is offered in Series F and FE for sizes 201½ - 207. These couplings are Standard Couplings which have been dynamically balanced as components. They offer all the features as Standard Couplings. But, because of the increased speed rating for the Balanced Standard Class of couplings, the rated angular misalignment is limited to ±1°. These couplings will meet AGMA Balance Classification. Series F meet AGMA Class 9. FE meet AGMA Class 8.

III. Class III Couplings
These couplings offer all the features of our standard line, plus additional modifications which permit higher operating speeds. They are made of medium carbon steel and conform to dimensions of standard couplings, and are available through size 205½.
The hubs and sleeves of the Class III couplings are selected from stock to minimize gear tooth tip clearance, and the sleeves incorporate integral pilots, both providing accurate centering of mating sleeves, spacer or tandem shafts. These couplings are dynamically balanced as components and will meet AGMA classifications as designated below. Sleeves and spacers are serialized for ease of identification. Class III coupling piloted sleeves are stocked with undrilled flanges.
Because of the increased speed rating of the Class III Coupling, the rated angular misalignment is limited to ±¾°.
The Class III Coupling is available in the following series: F, FL, FE, FS, FS Tandem, FPH. Note: Class depends on length and size of coupling.

IV. Class I Couplings
These are high-performance alloy couplings with nitride gear teeth which are rated at ±¼°. Information on this class of gear coupling is not covered in this catalogue. Contact GMB Associates and request Amerigear Class I catalogue, 462-ADV.

Balance Procedeure
All components of Balanced Standards are dynamically balanced within .00015 inches peak-to-peak, which is equivalent to a mass shift of 75 micro-inches. All components of Class III couplings are dynamically balanced within .0001 inches peak-to-peak, which is equivalent to a mass shift of 50 micro-inches.
All hubs, sleeves rigids and other short parts other than unbalanced standard parts, are single plane balanced on Ameridrives designed vertical balance machine.
Spacers, tandem shaft assemblies and other long parts, other than unbalanced standard parts, are two plane balanced on an IRD horizontal balanced machine. All balancing operations are performed using state-of-the-art IRD Analyzers.
Class III coupling components balance records are retained in the Quality Control Department. Copies of balance records are available on customer request.
Contact GMB Associates for balancing needs.

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