Amerigear Standard Gear Couplings - Reverse Mounted Hubs - Series F

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Amerigear® Standard Gear Couplings

Modifications and Variations - Series F

Reverse Mounted Hubs - Series F

An extensive stock of standard coupling components and inventory of bar and tube, allows for the design and manufacture of couplings to a variety of specific customer requirements.

Application: Used where greater-than-standard shaft separation is required to allow insertion of pulleys and similar components through shaft separation without moving connected equipment. Accomplished without spacer or adaptor plate.

Description: All standard components used. Hubs (or hub) simply mounted on shafts in reverse position. If hub puller holes desired, specify when ordering.

Caution: This configuration is not intended for use in applications requiring axial travel. Dimension D in Series F Couplings must be maintained.

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