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Amerigear Flanged Sleeve Series F Couplings

A multitude of applications exist for axial travel or “slide” couplings. All gear-type couplings permit a minimal amount of travel to accommodate for bearing wear, shaft or rotor float, or thermal expansions. But many drive systems require a greater amount of travel. To fill these requirements Ameridrives has developed a series of axial travel couplings to accommodate most travel requirements. The FA Series includes three coupling styles. The FAS Series includes two styles. The chart shows the make up of each. If further assistance is required in selecting or designing a coupling with axial travel capacity other than what is shown, consult GMB Associates.

Amerigear Flexible Couplings – Fully crowned teeth for higher torque, higher speed, Higher misalignment capacity. All Amerigear Series FA and FAS Couplings incorporate the following engineered features: Fully crowned gear teeth – assures smooth action when adjusting axial displacement with minimum resistance to slide. ±½ º angular misalignment capacity per gear mesh. If greater capacity is required, consult GMB Associates. Accurately machined medium carbon steel hubs and sleeves. Positive-type O-ring seals keep lubricant in…contaminants out. Seals enshrouded to prevent damage. Many Series FA hubs are modified standard stock components. Many designs available to accommodate most travel requirements.

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Amerigear Flanged Sleeve Series F Couplings

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