200 Series Maintenance and Lubrication

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Amerigear Engineering Data

200 Series Maintenance and Lubrication

Maintenance The Amerigear Coupling requires a minimum of maintenance. Nevertheless, to ensure a trouble-free life a few checks and proper lubrication should be performed at regular intervals.

Ameridrives suggests that the maximum interval between checks and relube be one year. This is only a guide, and the actual interval should be in accordance with good operating practices for application.

To disassemble Series F remove flange fasteners, separate sleeves, slide sleeves over hubs, clean out old lubricant, and inspect seals and gear teeth. Reassemble, starting with Step 3 under Series F installation instructions.

To disassemble Series C, remove one snap ring, slide sleeves off hubs, clean out old lubricant and inspect seals and gear teeth. Reassemble, starting at Step4 under Series C installation instructions.

If proper alignment of shafts is assured and it is not practical to disassemble coupling, remove both lube plugs and add grease in sufficient amount to overflow with lubricant holes in horizontal position.

NOTE: Sizes 200 and 201 Series C are supplied without lube plugs lubricate per Series C step No. 5.

Series F, FM, FA, FE use quantities recommended. For FE, apply one-half in one end and and-half in other end.
Series FS, FMS, FAS use one-half the quantities recommended.
Series C,CM, CA use quantities as shown.
Series CS, CMS, CAS use one-half the quantities recommended.

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Amerigear Engineering Data

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