Continuous Sleeve Axial Travel

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Amerigear Modifications and Variations - Series C

Continuous Sleeve Axial Travel

Application: The Ca and CAS type couplings are designed to provide axial travel between driver and driven shafts such as with certain crane and fan equipment. Compared to the series F, the CA and CAS advantages are lower weight and WR, higher speeds and a more compact design.

Description: The Amerigear CA couplings have a one piece sleeve that engages both shaft hubs. The coupling is sealed with seal retainers and O-rings. The coupling is assembled with spiral type retaining rings.

The CAS coupling differs from the CA using a rigid hub in place of one flex hub and has one less seal retainer and O-ring.

Depending on the dimensions required, the coupling usually can be made from stock sleeves and modified stock hubs or a made-to-order may be possible.

The couplings are limited to angular misalignment per flex half.

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Amerigear Modifications and Variations - Series C

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