Alignment and Installation Instructions 200 Series

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Amerigear Engineering Data

Alignment and Installation Instructions 200 Series

Purpose: The purpose of aligning equipment is to avoid transmission of unwanted stresses to bearings, shafts, couplings, etc.

How: By providing minimum angularity and offset of shaft axis at normal operating conditions. (Figs 1. and 2.)

Why: To increase life of bearings, couplings, shafts and seals. To get at the root of serious malfunctions involving shutdowns and costly repairs.

1. During installation, before grouting.
2. Immediately after initial operation.
3. When final operating conditions and final temperature are attained.
4. Seasonally.
5. Whenever first symptoms of trouble occur vibration, undue noise, sudden overheating of bearings.

Practial Considerations:
1. Verify shaft separation.
2. Feeler gauges.
3. Inside micrometer.
4. Outside micrometer.
5. Snap gauges.
6. Straightedge.

Angular Misalignment Measurement:
1. Measure at 4 points the space between the shaft ends (Fig. 3).
2. Rotate both shafts 180 and repeat.
3. Perform calculations for angle.

Offset Misalignment Measurement:
1. Rotate shaft A (with dial indicator mounted) and note readings of shaft B offset (Fig. 4).
2. Or use straightedge and feeler gauge (Fig. 5).

Caution: Misalignment at installation should not exceed 1/3 of rated catalogue misalignment.

Rotating equipment is potentially dangerous and could cause injury or damage if not properly protected. Follow applicable codes and regulations.

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Amerigear Engineering Data

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