ORC Series Model S

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Centric Clutch Catalogue

Trig-O-Matic Overload Clutches

ORC Series Model S

Trig-O-Matic Overload Clutches ORC Series Standard Model S

The Standard Model S ORC Series Trig-O-Matic Overload Release Clutch consists of two basic components: the rotor and the housing assembly. The clutch rotor is keyed and secured to the drive shaft with a setscrew.


  • Bi-directional operation
  • Single positioning for re-engagement at the exact cycle point at which it released
  • Limit switch actuation for remote detection of overload condition
  • Completely enclosed for dirty applications
  • Automatic or manual reset
  • Various configurations for direct and indirect drives
  • Six sizes (Model F - five sizes) to accommodate various bore and torque ranges

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