Wellman Bibby Gear Couplings

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Wellman Bibby Gear Couplings

Wellman Bibby Gear Couplings
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Key features of the Wellman Bibby Coupling are:

  • High misalignment capacity
  • Large bore capacity
  • High torque capacity and interchangeablilty ( AGMA Standard )

Wellman Bibby Gear Coupling Sizes

Available in 21 sizes and the following styles:

  • GFD/GFDW ( double engagement )
  • GFS/GFSW ( single engagement )
  • GFDM/GFDMW (double engagement extended reversed hubs for Mill Motor applications).

The Wellman Bibby Gear Couplings consist of two flanges/hubs specifically mounted on to the drive shafts, these contain axial grooves cut into the circumference. These couplings are joined together using a grid spring. This is then enclosed in a casing with grease for low speed applications or on the other hand using high viscosity oil for high speed application. The spring is wound through the grooves forming a series of bridges. The grooves are tapered at the edges in order to allow extra flexibility. The loading stiffness determines the length of the spring. This then prevents the build up of resonance due to the detuning of the altering torsional vibration frequency.

These are mainly used within cement mills, cranes, turbines, papers mills and marine auxiliaries. Used between the varying power of 1hp to around 100,000 hp per 100 rpm of the coupling. These are available in an array of sizes.

What makes the Wellman Bibby Gear Coupling so great? They are capable of absorbing axial and radial misalignments to a small extent whilst maintaining a paramount level of reliability.

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