Flexible Coupling Manufacturers

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Flexible Coupling Manufacturers

Flexible Coupling Manufacturers
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Here are a few Flexible Coupling Manufacturers:

  • Ameridrives International

    Ameridrives International began manufacturing in 1928 as the Mechanical Drives Division of Zurn Industries. They have supplied high capacity industrial Universal Joints to round out the offerings for mill product applications and a leader in power transmission equipment for over 70 years.

  • Bibby Transmissions

    Bibby Transmissions Couplings are: High misalignment capacity, large bore capacity, high torque capacity and interchangeabilty ( AGMA Standard ). Available in 21 sizes and the following styles: GFD/GFDW ( double engagement ), GFS/GFSW ( single engagement ) & GFDM/GFDMW ( double engagement extended reversed hubs for Mill Motor applications).

  • David Brown

    David Brown Gear Couplings are first and foremost dependable and provide quality efficient operation in high torque applications.

  • TB Woods

    Founded in 1857, TB Woods, Inc. began as a foundry and machine shop, until the turn of the century when they entered into the power transmission industry.

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