Distance Between Shaft Ends (DBSE)

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Distance Between Shaft Ends (DBSE)

Distance Between Shaft Ends (DBSE)
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The distance between shaft ends is defined as the distance from the face of one shaft (including any thread end) to the face of the other shaft end. For integral flanges, this measurement shall be from the mating face.

DBSE Distance Between Shaft End, this is referring to the axial position of shaft ends. Normally the majority of couplings allow a large amount of tolerance in axial position. However for couplings like disk couplings an error in position of the axial can result in disc stress which leads to a decreased life span of said discs. This can also create axial thrusts which makes additional load upon the thrust bearings, this all needs careful consideration based upon the machine operating at high temperatures.

This is why getting the Distance Between Shaft End is critical in that gap between a motors rotor and stator.

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